Monday, May 3, 2010

craziest thing to fall from the sky : cow?

this happened on 1997 in Japan
a boat sank in the Sea of Japan and the Japanese fishing trawler was rescued
the best thing was that they claim a cow fell down from the sky striking their boat that the boat descended
the crew mber was put in jail *sure la*

however, to be noted..
2 weeks later......
the Russian Air Force informed the Japanese authorities that a crew of its cargo planes had stolen a cow thinking that they would have beef some time later
well, for the cow, of course it wont be of its best behavoiur upon the close surroundings and began to trash around in the plane
in order to save the plane and themselves, the crew shoved the animal out of the cargo hold at 30,000 feet..and at that time, they were flying over the Sea of Japan...

well, at least we know there is still empty room for other psychos :)